The cost of setting up lifecycle communications from your e-commerce file, mailing list opt-ins or your loyalty database—and running them all year— is cheaper than a single national direct mail campaign’s paper and postage costs.

Each member in your program is unique and SYNAPZE Lifecycle allows you to understand and model the journey their engagement with your brand will take. Knowing how and when you should interact with each member shouldn’t be a guess—ensure each member receives the right message via the right channel at the right time, keeping your brand top-of-mind and your customers loyal. 

SYNAPZE Lifecycle

Our 3-stage lifecycle model segments customers based on tenure, behavior, and churn identifiers. Lifecyle communications trigger relevant data to deploy intelligent, dynamic messaging designed to foster deep relationships with customers, keep them informed on what matters to them most, and brings them closer to your brand.

Lay the foundation for a customer engagement model that:

  • Is aligned with the natural customer stages of your brand
  • Conditions and incents customers to enroll at time of sign-up and 1st visit
  • Segments customers based on key characteristics such as tenure, visits and type of service / visit
  • Enables the delivery of messaging and tactics that are timely, highly relevant and customer-centric
  • Utilizes data analytics to create targeted messaging for customer segments based on lifecycle stage and observable behaviors 
  • Targets the priority customer resulting in greater ROI

An effective lifecycle strategy will drive:

  • Increased engagement levels
  • Reduced attrition and churn
  • Proactive retention of valuable customers

Whereas the absence of an effective lifecycle strategy results in:

  • One-size-fits-all communications
  • Disconnected customer experience across channels
  • Lower retention, frequency, and customer engagement
  • Manual list pulling and management of campaigns
  • Missed opportunity to create brand affinity
  • Lack of differentiation, loss of business to competitors
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