The Pursuit of Personalization

Personalization LeadPersonalization is ubiquitous in the loyalty space and yet marketers are still struggling to get it right, to develop deep and meaningful relationships with their consumers.

Customers themselves are tired of brands mining a wealth of information about them but not using it to create the experiences they want. They often feel anonymous to a company that they have committed to.

It’s time to move personalization forward; move it from the purchase to the person. Brands need to start looking beyond the next transaction and start focusing on the overall relationship they are building with their customers.

So how do marketers move their personalization efforts forward? Download this report and you will learn:

  • The surprising statistics that demonstrate customer dissatisfaction with most brands' personalization efforts.

  • The new era of personalization and how brands like Nordstrom, Sephora and Uber are using personalized moments to enhance the customer experience beyond the point of purchase.

  • 5 key recommendations to put your brand on the Path to Personalization.

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