Webinar: Measure Twice, Cut Once - Get It Right From The Start!

Presented in partnership with Loyalty 360.

How can you realize executional excellence in order to ensure loyalty program success?

You’re excited about designing or redesigning a financially viable and brand-aligned loyalty program that will help you acquire, retain and engage customers in a long-term relationship. Now what? 

Unfortunately, marketers and program owners sometimes fall short and forget the importance of some very fundamental prerequisites for success, including the early involvement of operational stakeholders. The goal of this webinar is to highlight key failure points and steer you toward successful implementation strategies that will help you realize loyalty program success through an optimal member experience and exceptional organization-wide execution. 

What you will learn:

  • Key strategies to bring operations and other stakeholders into the process early on
  • Pitfalls to avoid and key design considerations and disciplines to consider
  • How to create a plan and drive implementation excellence 
  • Tips and tricks to identify KPIs and measure operational success

Brand Loyalty Webinar

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