Loyalty 360 Webinar: Leaving Loyalty on the Table


Key Opportunities from the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report

Loyalty is changing faster than ever, and programs that are innovating to satisfy member expectations and needs are realizing higher dividends when it comes to active and profitable member satisfaction. Value propositions based on points and discounts are table stakes—how will you go further to compete for engagement, satisfaction and lasting loyalty?

The 2016 Bond Loyalty Report reveals that 81 percent of consumers say that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands. While this is great news, it seems marketers are leaving much to be desired when it comes to other key areas such as Personalization and Customer Experience.

Bond's EVP, Strategy Sean Claessen and VP Design & Strategy Scott Robinson share key 2016 Bond Loyalty Report findings and insights in this on demand webinar that answer the following:

  • How satisfied are consumers with loyalty programs? Which loyalty programs perform best?
  • What are the key drivers of member satisfaction?
  • What role does redemption play in driving program satisfaction?
  • How should we think about personalization? What matters most to members? Who is doing it well?
  • How should we think about Customer Experience in loyalty?

The 2016 Bond Loyalty Report is North America’s leading report on consumer loyalty. The report interviews over 19,000 North Americans and explores year-over-year changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors to uncover insights on loyalty initiatives, brands, and over 280 programs in industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services, entertainment, and dining.



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