Webinar: 6 Best Practices to Translate Your Customer Experience Vision Into Powerful Front Line Behaviors

Presented By: Bond Brand Loyalty October 21

What do great brands like L.L. Bean, Apple, and Ritz-Carlton have in common?

They understand that the most powerful customer experience asset they own are their people. When they are engaged, enabled and energized, they are the brand in action – delivering differentiated experiences in every interaction with a customer and creating the long-lasting emotional bonds that drive loyalty.

Join Kelly Taggart, Director of Customer Experience at Bond Brand Loyalty and Charles MacPherson of Charles MacPherson Associates Inc. as they discuss six best practices to designing, implementing, and sustaining an immersive employee workshop that will enable your employees to translate your customer experience vision into powerful front-line behaviors.  Bond Brand Loyalty will share case study highlights from a recent global automotive brand's front-line service advisor program, that is already generating significant results for the brand and their customer experience. In this webinar we will explore:

  • Driving focus and shared identity through a customer experience vision
  • Inspiring behavior change by breaking the mold
  • Creating customer empathy through context
  • Harnessing the power of coaching
  • Mastering skills through hands-on interactivity
  • Driving long term behavior change through sustainment

L360 Customer Experience Webinar

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