Generation Z is Here. What are you waiting for?

Gen Z

With the eldest Gen Z members now starting their careers, and their spending power growing every year, brands need to start focusing on this generation.

To win the loyalty of Generation Z, marketers must adapt and change their strategies or they will be left behind as this group matures. It’s not enough to use the same strategy that you developed to attract Millennials. Gen Zers are not an extension of their predecessors—they are a completely different breed. They are loyal, vocal about their allegiances and once they find a brand they like, they will continue to buy for a long time.

So how do you access this untapped wealth of loyal customer advocacy? Download this report and you will learn:

  • Who Gen Z is, what drives them and why that matters more than ever.

  • How brands like Aerie, Amazon, Sephora and Adidas are leading the charge in appealing to Gen Z’s sense of self and their passionately-held values.

  • How to future-proof your Loyalty Program to ensure that you are delivering on the experiences that matter most to this generation of consumers.

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