The CX Payoff: How to Get the Most Out of Your Most Important Customers

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You likely wouldn’t treat a complete stranger the same as your best friend. So why do brands continue to treat their Members, their known customers, the same as the anonymous shopper who just walked in the door? 

According to the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, you are likely a Member of 13.4 loyalty programs. You may be a “gold” or “VIP” Member in one or more of these Programs—but do you feel like it? In many cases, you are treated like any other customer. In fact, only 20% of Members say that they feel special and recognized. 

The fact is, all known customers should feel special, even if some should feel more special than others. Why? Member satisfaction is 3X higher when brand representatives make a customer feel special and recognized. But, you need to ensure they are getting it right for their best, before the rest. To build long-term, meaningful and profitable relationships, you need to do a better job of thinking through the customer experience for your most important and valuable customers. 

Listen in as Morana Bakula, Bond Brand Loyalty’s Director of Customer Experience, Scott Robinson, Bond’s Vice-President Loyalty Solutions, and guest speaker Kerry Bodine, co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, walk you through how to: 

  1. Design the right customer experience for your best customers using the latest methodologies in co-creation
  2. Turn design into a comprehensive Customer Experience playbook
  3. Execute with excellence; engage and galvanize your brand representatives to deliver your desired CX for your most loyal customers
  4. Sustain your Customer Experience efforts—making it a way of being for those who represent your brand. 


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