TORONTO, NEW YORK and LONDON, January 16, 2018—Bond Brand Loyalty, a leading global customer engagement agency, today announced a strategic partnership with CataBoom, a behavioral marketing engagement platform. The partnership allows Bond to further enhance its capabilities to deliver increased customer and employee engagement.

By using games and game mechanics to engage and instantly reward customers, Bond can provide enhanced strategies that drive customer acquisition, further personalize engagement and increase retention. CataBoom’s unique solution allows Bond to enrich its class-leading Synapze Loyalty and CRM platforms to deliver more immediate, tangible results by leveraging the consumer’s innate desire to play games and win. According to The Loyalty Report, gamification features like virtual badges are among the least-offered program features/benefits. Yet, when present, member satisfaction significantly increases, which is highly correlated to retention, increased spend, and NPS equivalents.

“The engagement landscape is ever-changing, and program operators are looking for new ways in which to capture the repeat attention of prospective and existing customers along the entire journey,” said Maria Pallante, VP, Loyalty Solutions at Bond. “Partnering with CataBoom allows us to quickly deploy programs that dramatically increase desired behaviors with instant rewards that drive measurable results for our clients.”

“We’re excited to pair our technology with Bond, a strategic leader in the loyalty space. Today, companies need to look beyond the transaction and engage consumers throughout the whole experience in non-traditional ways. Games and loyalty experiences that deliver instant gratification are a highly effective way to drive conversion and keep loyal customers coming back for more," said Todd McGee, CEO of CataBoom.

While gamification for consumer programs has proven to be very profitable for brands, Bond is equally excited about the impact and opportunities that it creates for employee engagement. Bond’s gamification solutions reach beyond the customer experience to change behaviors and drive engagement through employee training and learning. One of Bond’s manufacturing clients experienced a more than 250% lift in participation over the previous year when game mechanics were added to their program. Not only were employees more engaged, their increased engagement drove higher employee performance and satisfaction. Additionally, voluntary learning (non-mandatory training) increased by more than 28% to the previous year.


About CataBoom

Founded in 2012, CataBoom is a SAAS-based behavioral marketing engagement platform company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Based on Pavlov's theory of behavioral conditioning, CataBoom’s platform allows you to build HTML5 responsive games in minutes that can be used to consistently and instantly reward desired consumer behaviors on any device and across any customer touch point. And by using games to deliver rewards, CataBoom clients tap into dopamine, which greatly increases the conversion rates on the desired behaviors. Now with over 120 game variations ready to be skinned and the ability to connect the games, the platform can create entire experiences and pathways. To learn more, visit

About Bond Brand Loyalty 

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