#Agileloyalty - Get Rapid Ready for the New Loyalty

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2017 is going to be a very different year, and if you’re not proactively evolving your loyalty program, you’re going to get disrupted. If you think you’re a leader in loyalty, are you progressive enough?

Today’s marketers are looking for that silver bullet and are struggling to figure out if things are broken, how to fix them, what to automate, what to not leave on autopilot, and how to plan for a flexible program that can scale with the ever-changing needs of their business and their customers. 

This is the new state of loyalty, and it’s moving fast. Join Bond Brand Loyalty’s Sean Claessen, EVP Strategy, and Scott Robinson, VP Design & Strategy, for an informative and actionable discussion where you will learn about: 

  • The telltale signs that your program is in need of a renovation 
  • Considerations for a more efficient and more effective program 
  • The elements of technology that are just hype, and those that are real and are a must 
  • Operational and CX rapid readiness must-haves for your re-launch 
  • Looking beyond your program and renovating your entire loyalty ecosystem 

Orginally presented on Feb 7th with Loyalty 360.


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