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Loyalty Report 2017

Launches May 23!
Get Ready for the Battle of Love & Loyalty!

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Bond Brand Loyalty, in collaboration with Visa, is completing our 7th annual comprehensive study of the Loyalty landscape, and of over 400 key loyalty and rewards programs within North America. 

Loyalty is changing. We know it, you know it, and we know you want to know more about it. That’s why this year’s bigger, better Loyalty Report features critical research findings and perspectives of evolving consumer and brand Loyalty sensibilities—so you can figure out where you are, where you should be going, and make sure your brand doesn’t get left behind. The Report reveals key insights as well as the implications for marketers and program operators, related to relevant topics, including:

  • Rankings of 400+ leading Loyalty programs across Retail, Payments, Travel, Grocery, Gas, CPG, Coalition, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Dining sectors
  • Key Satisfaction drivers and demographic shifts
  • Mobile activity in loyalty
  • Changing Rewards and Redemption preferences
  • Customer experience and the human side of loyalty
  • Engineering a better Loyalty Ecosystem

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To download the Executive Summary of the 2016 Loyalty Report, please click here.

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