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 Bill 47, Protecting Rewards Points Act (Consumer Protection Amendment) 2016 Ontario, Canada

The Ontario Government’s Bill 47, Protecting Rewards Points Act (Consumer Protection Amendment) 2016 is aimed at providing consumers who participate in loyalty programs with protection over rewards points earned from loyalty programs.

As one of the foremost thought leaders in the brand loyalty industry, Bond Brand Loyalty has developed this report in order to help loyalty owners, operators and their partners better understand the implications of the amendment to the Act. In our opinion, there are several challenges with the way the amendment to the Act was written, which will create new and unwanted consequences for both businesses and consumers if left unchanged.

This report will describe the key issues that we have unearthed, and we advocate that businesses closely examine the amendment to the Act with their legal, financial and strategy teams to draw their own conclusions. In our view, it is incumbent upon businesses to immediately engage in consultation with the Ontario Government to ensure that these issues and any others are adequately addressed.

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